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Taylor Swift Has A ‘Good Morning America’ Surprise Arriving Tomorrow

Taylor Swift‘s surprises are truly never-ending. Every day is simultaneously Christmas and a nightmare for Swifties, who are just trying to keep up, whether that be with her music movies full of Easter eggs or her spontaneous deluxe version of an album that just came out a few hours prior. A new surprise was just announced tonight, Oct. 31.

Good Morning America shared a tweet with a video of the singer. The caption reads: “TOMORROW: We will have a special announcement from @taylorswift13 only on @GMA tomorrow!” The video just shows Swift saying the words “Good morning, America,” so really there’s not much she’s giving away there. Surely fans must be making theories already. However, most are in the replies saying that their bank accounts are not ready.

A popular theory so far is that a new music video will come out, which would follow the recent releases of the videos for “Anti-Hero” and “Bejeweled.” Others are begging for a tour, which is possible considering she discussed the idea on The Tonight Show last week. Jimmy Fallon mentioned that it’s been a while she last toured and she said, “I think I should do it,” which obviously prompted cheers from the crowd.