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Kurt Vile Gave A Serene Performance Of ‘Hey Like A Child’ On ‘Late Night’

Earlier this year, Kurt Vile unveiled his new album Watch My Moves. Last night, he brought the song “Hey Like A Child” to Late Night With Seth Meyers in a relaxed performance.

“Hey Like A Child” is a nice dose of Vile’s twangy, cinematic sound, and his live rendition of it is even more colorful and calming as he sings nonchalantly: “Hey like a child you waltzed into my life / Hey like a mild high, I’m feelin’ fine.” It’s a great end-of-the-year reminder of the record that was released in the spring.

In April, Vile reviewed every one of his albums for Uproxx. About his most recent LP, he said, “I think my records are always enough of something new in my evolution. I’ve always got new things to say. I just think I’m emitting my personality and being comfortable where I’m at in my life. It’s a little bit cocky, and sometimes funny. But it’s also confidently played with dreamy chords, and it just puts you in the zone. All those things that I’ve become a master of, it’s what I’m doing and I’m cranking it out from my own house at this point. It’s just the way it is.”

Watch Vile’s performance of “Hey Like A Child” on Late Night above.