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Whoops, Netflix’s Ad-Supported Tier Doesn’t Include Popular Netflix Titles Like ‘The Crown’ And ‘Cobra Kai’ (Yet)

If you were hoping to save a little bit of money and try out Netflix’s new ad-supported tier then you’re in luck! Today, the streamer launched the new service and for the low low price of just $6.99, so you too can enjoy your favorite content with some brief ad breaks. That is unless you have an Apple TV, because then it actually won’t work for you just yet.

Oh, also, if you’re looking to watch one of the 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy or binge New Girl, you won’t be able to. The same goes for Breaking Bad and The Crown. Is this appealing to you? Sure, you can’t watch Cobra Kai or Friday Night Lights but you can watch, uh, The Grey Man, or maybe Blonde? Everybody wins! Kind of.

When Netflix announced the new tier, they gave a disclaimer saying that this could happen, but they are working to fix it. As of launch day, it has not been fixed. “A limited number of movies and TV shows won’t be available due to licensing restrictions, and we’re going to be working on reducing that over time,” Netflix COO Greg Peters said last month.

The list of shows currently unavailable at the lowest price point also includes How To Get Away With Murder, The Sinner, Good Girls, Peaky Blinders, The Magicians, The Last Kingdom, Arrested Development, and House of Cards. The movies Skyfall, 28 Days, The Imitation Game, and The Bad Guys are unavailable, too.

While this is a pretty good chunk of fan favorites, a lot of Netflix’s original content is still available, like all 759 hours (an estimate) of Stranger Things or Love Is Blind. The only solution here seems to be to just keep paying in order to keep your favorite shows available to you. Maybe this was the point all along.

(Via Variety)