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Here’s Why You Won’t See Single-Use Plastics In New ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’

If you’ve been paying excruciatingly close attention, you may have noticed that the rom-com Marry Me and Marvel series She-Hulk swapped out plastics for other sustainable options for their characters to use on screen. That’s because Kat Coiro was behind both projects, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she’s going to dump plastics altogether for her series adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles for Disney+.

“Our amazing showrunner Aron Coleite combed through the scripts to eliminate plastic references,” said while speaking at an event for Habits of Waste. “Our production designer Elena Albanese who also worked on She-Hulk discussed it with her team. Paramount Television Studios, 20th Television and Disney Branded Television … have been so awesomely supportive of this.”

The idea here is one similar to getting rid of cigarette smoking: stop showing it on screen so that it’s not as prevalent in the culture. Also like removing smoking from movies and TV, it’s a bit of a bank shot. Ostensibly, people will see characters using things other than plastics and decide they too can use something other than plastics. Maybe it’s worth a shot, but it’s also worth a shot to ask fans to call on the 20 companies responsible for more than half of plastic pollution to cut it the f*ck out. But it means well! And it couldn’t hurt.

“We need to make plastic uncool. If we can do that, then we can create a sustainable future that will leap from the screen and into the daily practices of our species,” Coiro said.

The new Spiderwick Chronicles will be adapted from Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black’s iconic children’s fantasy books. It’s currently filming and set for release — plastic-free — on Disney+ in 2023.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)