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What The Hell Is Going On At The 1975 Concerts?

It’s hard to keep up with The 1975’s antics lately. Singer Matty Healy‘s Twitter has been relentlessly unhinged (read: “if I wanted music ‘slowed down + reverb’ I’d just take some ket“). They’ve just released Being Funny In A Foreign Language, which contains lyrics like, “I think I’ve got a boner / But I can’t really tell.”

They just kicked off their At Their Very Best Tour last night and it was definitely an interesting experience. A video has gone viral depicting Healy smoking a cigarette while slouched on a couch, his hands… adventuring over his pants, to put it lightly. “rip to anyone going to this show with their parents,” the caption reads.

To be fair, The 1975 have always been a horny group, which many fans are pointing out (their debut has a song called “Sex,” so…). Another video catches Healy singing “Love It If We Made It” and dancing around so vehemently that he stumbles onto the ground.

He’s an impassioned performer! What else can be said? He’s definitely giving fans their money’s worth. It’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the shows on the tour go — especially at their Madison Square Garden concert, which will be livestreamed.