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Georgia’s Brett Thorson Uncorked One Of The Best Punts You Will Ever See

Lord have mercy, check out this punt. The game of the day in the world of college football takes place in Athens, where the third-ranked Georgia Bulldogs are playing host to the top-ranked Tennessee Volunteers in a game with SEC East, SEC, and College Football Playoff implications. There are a ton of exceptional players involved in the game, but the best play of the game — of the season, of the decade, of all time — comes via Bulldog punter Brett Thorson.

The Dawgs found themselves lining up to boot it from their own 24, because going for it on fourth-and-4 from there would have been a bad idea. Thorson lined up to kick it, and the next thing you knew, we had ourselves a 75-yard coffin corner punt that pinned the high-powered Vols offense at their own 1.

It can be easy to get a bit hyperbolic about punts, but in all seriousness, it is dang near impossible to get this bounce and have the ball land where it does. Even his own teammate thought he had to go after it to prevent the ball from going into the end zone! The Dawgs deserved to get points for this, because it was beyond impressive.