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What Is The 1975’s Setlist Of Songs For Their ‘At Their Very Best Tour?’

The 1975 are currently continuing the North American leg of their At Their Very Best tour, in support of the band’s recent album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. Between onstage antics from lead singer Matty Healy sparking online conversation, many fans are suddenly even more intrigued to attend one of the tour dates. For those who might not be as well-versed in The 1975’s complete discography, here’s a glimpse of what to expect in the setlist.

Last night, for The 1975’s concert at Madison Square Garden, they seemed to stick relatively to the same songs — as it ties into the staging and production of the show. In total, they played a grand total of 26 songs in a two-hour time span. During the first half, the songs consisted of their new music. The second half is made up of their past hits. Last night, The 1975 swapped “Be My Mistake” from past shows for “Consumption” instead — otherwise known as Healy’s meat scene.

Other changes across the tour so far include The 1975 swapping songs like “Medicine” and “A Change Of Heart” for cities they’re playing two nights in — which has been Boston so far.

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1. “The 1975 (Being Funny In A Foreign Language)”
2. “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”
3. “Happiness”
4. “Part Of The Band”
5. “Oh Caroline”
6. “I’m In Love With You”
7. “All I Need To Hear”
8. “Roadkill”
9. “Fallingforyou”
10. “I Like America & America Likes Me”
11. “About You”
12. “When We Are Together”
13. “Consumption”
14. “If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)”
16. “Me & You Together Song”
17. “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”
18. “Paris”
19. “An Encounter”
20. “Robbers”
21. “Somebody Else”
22. “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)”
23. “Love It If We Made It”
24. “The Sound”
25. “Sex”
26. “Give Yourself A Try”