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Seth Rogen Reacted Similarly To Seeing ‘The Boys: Gen V’ Spinoff As A Freaked-Out Arnold Schwarzenegger Did: ‘What Are They Doing?’

The Boys continues to be ridiculously popular and endlessly raunchy, so of course Amazon has been cranking out spinoffs. That includes the animated Diabolical, which mostly fills in some gaps in the canon and provides standalone stories. The real treat should be Gen V, the college-set spinoff full of young Supes who will undoubtedly be unable to contain their own sh*t. The series stars Patrick Schwarzenegger (The Staircase), who previously revealed that his dad (Arnold!) couldn’t believe what he saw in set photos.

“What the f*ck are you filming?” is precisely what the Commando star, who acted out slaughtering an entire army without reloading, said to Patrick. This also appears to be the same reaction that Seth Rogen, one of the Gen V executive producers, also had to offer in a conversation with Collider:

“I’ve been starting to see episodes of, and it’s completely insane. Just like the combination of superheroes in a college setting, in an incredibly subversive R-rated world is, yeah. There are parts of that show where me and Evan [Goldberg] are watching the cuts of the sequences that were just like, “Dear God, what are they doing over there?’”

Gen V has hit the post-production phase, so hopefully, we’ll see a teaser or hear about a release date soon. Can we hold out hope for a Homelander cameo? This seems slightly safer than inviting The Deep to a frat party. Hell, bring Soldier Boy back as a Supe adjunct professor. And for no reason at all (other than I want to watch this again), please enjoy Soldier Boy doing Blondie on Solid Gold.

(Via Collider)