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Kim Petras Is Following The No. 1 Hit ‘Unholy’ With An Album That’s Currently ‘A Hot Slutty Skeleton’

Kim Petras made history last month when she and Sam Smith’s hit single “Unholy” rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the process, Petras became the first publicly transgender solo artist to top the Hot 100, while Smith is now the first publicly non-binary solo artist with a No. 1 song. A pretty amazing accomplishment for the two LGBTQ+ artists.

Petras is expectedly getting some much-deserved attention and in a new interview with i-D, she spoke about the plans for her next album. The release will follow both her first No. 1 hit in “Unholy” and her latest EP, Slut Pop, which came out this past February. Petras explained that work has already begun on her next album and in her delightfully risqué manner, says that it’s currently, “A really pretty skeleton.” Adding that, “It’s got the wig on. Braids with ribbons, but it’s still a skeleton — a hot slutty skeleton!”

She went on to say, “I know the songs, and I know the order of them, but I just have to go finish them. It’s a very eclectic world of new people that I’ve worked with, so it’s [a case of] fitting into their schedule.” Those new people include superproducer Max Martin and Dua Lipa producer Ian Kirkpatrick as well. She called Martin her “idol” and spoke more about their collaboration throughout the interview. Check out the whole thing here.