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Perfume Genius Delicately Covered Radiohead’s ‘4 Minute Warning’ At Electric Lady Studios

“This is just a nightmare” is the opening line of Radiohead’s “4 Minute Warning,” but Perfume Genius’ (real name Mike Hadreas) cover of the In Rainbows Disk 2 track is a dream. Perfume Genius recorded it at New York City’s Electric Lady Studios for Spotify’s Live At Electric Lady, released today (November 10).

Perfume Genius’ tender, paced vocals make “4 Minute Warning” even more delicate and ethereal. He also delivered live renditions of his 2020 Set My Heart On Fire Immediately tracks “Whole Life” and “On The Floor” and “Photograph” from his 2022 album Ugly Season.

Upon Ugly Season‘s June release, Perfume Genius explained to Uproxx the connection between it and Set My Heart On Fire Immediately.

“I think they’re united in that I was completely in an unhinged place when I made both of them,” he said, also noting that Ugly Season was made before Set My Heart On Fire. “I’m not that far from it now, but I’m a little more in control. Both of the records are born from the dance in a way. This record’s for the dance, and then Set My Heart On Fire is what happened to me as a result of the dance. Essentially, working with Kate [Wallich], me and Kate developed and still have a really intense relationship. I was getting more in my body, and I was around other bodies in this very strange dynamic, almost a cult-like thing. I might have been the only one who felt like I was in a cult, but I was really into it.”

Listen to his Live At Electric Lady set below.