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‘The Office’ Star Rainn Wilson Has Changed His Name To Raise Awareness For The Environmental Crisis

To raise awareness about the environmental crisis that is only going to get worse, Rainn Wilson has changed his name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson. No, really. “With the help of my scientist friends at Arctic Basecamp, I’ve changed my name to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson. This is not a joke, I’m as serious as the melting Arctic, which amplifies global risks including extreme weather events around the globe,” The Office star said in a video posted on Arctic Basecamp’s social media.

Wilson, who recently appeared as Dr. Demento in the brilliantly stupid Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, did the (temporary?) name change to bring “attention to this growing… er, melting issue. We need world leaders at COP27 to take notice and take action. The Arctic is melting at millions of liters per second, yet this problem can’t seem to make a name for itself, so it’s up to us to make a name for it.”

Arctic Basecamp is led by a team of Arctic experts and scientists. The body has physically set up a real basecamp in the Arctic and uses its findings to raise awareness about the environmental crisis. Wilson encouraged people to also modify their name to bring attention to the issue, using the Arctic Basecamp “name-changer” on website

If you’ve ever said “bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica,” which is basically everyone (or, y’know, you care about the Earth), you might want to check it out.

(Via Deadline)