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Jimmy Kimmel Is Truly Fascinated By How Much Everyone Hates Ted Cruz: ‘He’s Like The Senator Version Of Nickelback’

Jimmy Kimmel has never made a secret of his utter disdain for Ted Cruz and every sniveling thing he stands for. But Kimmel is far from alone in being skeeved out by the Texas senator in every possible way. In fact, as the late night host explained on Thursday, there almost seems to be a universal loathing for Cancun Ted — which Kimmel finds utterly fascinating, and hilarious.

While discussing the upcoming Georgia runoff between Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker on Thursday night, which could ultimately determine control of the Senate, Kimmel noted how Republicans are bringing in the “big guns” in order to help Walker triumph. At the moment, that “big gun” in question is Cruz. “And you know your campaign’s in trouble when somebody picks up the phone and says, ‘Get us Ted Cruz right away,’” Kimmel said — really only half-jokingly. Because as Kimmel noted, quite rightly, “Nobody likes Ted Cruz.”

Earlier this week, Cruz was in his Houston, his hometown, to celebrate with the Astros at the World Series Parade — and was LOUDLY booed. “No one has ever been booed at a World Series Parade before,” Kimmel said. “It’s historic.”

But the Ted Hate extends far beyond strangers. “Even Ted Cruz’s daughter wants no part of him,” noted Kimmel, referencing a now-infamous video in which the senator creepily tries to kiss his young daughter, who aggressively avoids being touched by her oozing father. (She also has been known to trash him on TikTok.)

Ted Cruz tries to kiss his daughter

“Nobody likes Ted Cruz, and yet he’s still out there doing his thing,” Kimmel marveled. “He’s like the senator version of Nickelback. It’s inexplicable.”

You can watch the full clip above.