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Sofía Reyes Discussed The Resurgence Of Her TikTok Hit ‘1, 2, 3’ And The Celestial New Single ‘Luna’

Sofía Reyes is letting the love in for her new music video for “Luna.” Today (November 11), the Mexican pop star released the ethereal video. It comes on the heels of past hit “1, 2, 3” seeing resurgent success on TikTok.

“Luna” is Reyes’ first taste of new music since the release of her album Mal De Amores earlier this year. That LP featured the break-up anthems “Mal De Amores” with Becky G and “Marte” featuring María Becerra. With her latest single, Reyes is feeling and embracing the love in her life now.

“Obviously, the song is about moon itself,” Reyes told Uproxx. “I’ve been tripping about the moon for awhile and how it’s connected to our emotions. The song talks about this deep love and what this person makes me feel in the sense of stepping into like a more divine place.”

In the enchanting “Luna,” Reyes sings about a romance that feels otherworldly. She translated the celestial vibe of the love song to dreamy video that was directed by Mamo Vernet. Reyes described shooting the video as feeling like she was working with “family.”

Earlier this year, Reyes’ 2018 hit “1, 2, 3” featuring Jason Derulo and De La Ghetto saw renewed success on social media. On TikTok, fans have created over 10 million videos using the song, making it one of the biggest songs on the platform.

“I’m extremely grateful,” Reyes said. “I’m definitely surprised to know that the song came out five years ago, and it’s just crazy how songs are timeless, and you never know what’s going to happen or how far they’re going to go connecting with people. It’s amazing that the song still does it thing. I just love that people love the song.”

“Luna” is the lead single from Reyes’ next album that’s due out early next year. She is hard on work on her follow-up where she is moving on from the heartache behind Mal De Amores.

“Right now with this album that I’m working on, personally I’m no longer feeling this heartbreak type of thing,” Reyes said. “I feel like where I’m writing from right now comes from this chapter after a breakup, and what happens after, I think that’s a very beautiful thing.”