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Bruce Springsteen Delivered A Soulful Performance Of His Single ‘Do I Love You’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Before a certain MTV reality show, when you thought of New Jersey’s shore cultural impact on the world, there was only one person worth mentioning: Grammy-winning rocker Bruce Springsteen. With a whopping total of 21 albums to his name, the Garden State icon is the true personification of what it means to be “Jersey strong” as he continues to navigate the ever-changing music industry.

Keeping in alignment with his nickname, ‘The Boss,’ Springsteen kicked off the second day of his Tonight Show residency with a soulful performance of new single, “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” a Frank Wilson cover. The track off of his new covers album, Only The Strong Survive, is a passionate blend of Springsteen’s signature dynamic vocals and uptempo blues instrumentation. With a career spanning several decades, influencing many top-named acts like Phoebe Bridgers along the way, Springsteen has managed to keep both his core fan base and new music lovers sonically satisfied.

Joined on stage by his longtime musical support, the E Street Band (including original member David Sancious who was inducted by Springsteen into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2014), Springsteen was visibly overflowing with confidence. Although The Tonight Show stage tried its best to keep up with the “Tougher Than The Rest” singer, even with the beaming blue lights, it was no match for Springsteen’s standard theatrical tour sets.

Even with a cramped stage filled with his full band and background singers, Springsteen and his vocal stand out far beyond the rest. Belting into the mic, his declaration of love feels equally urgent as it is intimate. Fans viewing at home took to Twitter to commend him for his performance, astounded at the high energy he’s still able to pour into his performances even at the tender age of 73.

Watch the full performance above.