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Trevor Noah Went Off On ‘Punk-Ass B*tch’ Mike Pence For Still Refusing To Stand Up To Trump: ‘If Pence Was President, Forget China — Canada Would Be Invading’

As if spending four years as Donald Trump’s favorite punching bag wasn’t humiliating enough, in the final days of Trump’s presidency, Mike Pence became a literal target for MAGA diehards/election deniers who believed that the then-vice president actually held the power to upend the will of the American people and hand Trump another four years in the Oval Office (and idea he allegedly got from a juiced-up Rudy Giuliani). That Pence didn’t go through with it surprised some; that he still refuses to condemn his former boss, despite Trump stating that “maybe” Pence deserved to be hanged on January 6th, has astonished most of us. The way Trevor Noah sees it? Pence is just a “punk-ass b*tch.”

On Tuesday, Pence’s barely-anticipated memoir, So Help Me God, arrived in bookstores. As part of his PR push for the book, the Mother-loving politician sat down with ABC News’ perfectly coiffed David Muir and had just about as boring a conversation as you’d imagine. While Pence mustered up the courage to call Trump’s actions on January 6th “reckless” (Woah — watch out, world!), when Muir asked the very simple and straightforward question of whether Pence, personally, believed “that Donald Trump should ever be president again,” Mr. Wishy Washy declared that “that’s up to the American people, but I think we’ll have better choices in the future.” Noah, clearly not impressed, proceeded to sarcastically — and mercilessly — mock Pence:

Hell, yeah! Good for Mike Pence! Telling Donald Trump: ‘You almost got me and my family killed. Which is why I’m now prepared to say that it’s possible there are better alternatives to you in the next election! Although that decision will be up to the American people. You tell him, Mike Pence! Ooooh — you TELL him!

“I can’t believe Mike Pence is the one leaving us hanging,” Noah joked. And while The Daily Show host understands that Pence’s plan is to play nice so that he might have a chance at nabbing some of Trump’s voters should Pence decide to throw his hat into the presidential ring as well, Noah thinks that entire way of thinking is “delusional” for one simple reason: “Trump’s people were the ones who wanted to kill him!”

“And even if that strategy worked,” Noah added, “it still makes him a punk-ass b*tch. It does! I’m sorry, but this is not the type of man you want leading the United States… If Pence was president, forget China — Canada would be invading.”

You can watch the full clip above, beginning around the 6:15 mark.