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Margot Robbie Completists, Rejoice: ‘Neighbors’ Is Already Being Revived On Streaming

Earlier this year, Margot Robbie made an unexpected cameo in Neighbors, the Australian soap opera that helped the actress get her start all those years ago. The legendary soap opera was ending its nearly 40-year reign on television, and Robbie, now a full-fledged star, stopped by for a beautiful full-circle moment. That is until the show actually got picked up again. So all of that was kind of for nothing!

Amazon announced that they would revive the legendary soap for Amazon Freevee, the free ad-supported service that you’ve probably never heard of. Series stars Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher, Ryan Moloney, and Jackie Woodburne are confirmed to return to the revival which is slated to begin production early next year.

Amazon Studios on-demand programming head Lauren Anderson said:

Neighbours has captivated its audience for nearly 40 years, building a dedicated and loyal following for the lives and stories of the characters on Ramsay Street. With the power of streaming, we’re able to offer a catalogue of thousands of Neighbours episodes for new audiences to discover this legendary series and current fans to relive their favorite moments. We look forward to immersing the audience in new Ramsay Street experiences when we relaunch the show next year for Amazon Freevee and Prime Video customers

The show also helped launch the career of other famous industry titans like Russell Crow and Kyle Minogue. Of course, Robbie likely won’t return as she is busy doing other things like playing Barbie or going on (fictional) coke-binges.