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Patrick Dempsey Has Once Again Crushed The Dreams Of Longtime ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans

A lot has changed since the year 2005. Presidents have come and gone, social media became a Thing, and streaming services began their powerful rule. And yet, like a beacon of hope and light at the end of the tunnel, Grey’s Anatomy has been on through it all. During the COVID pandemic? They kept going. Cast misconduct? Nothing could keep them down! And they have made an episode on just about every modern medical marvel you can think of, including that one time when Kyle Chandler had to defuse a bomb inside of a human (real).

Now in its 19th season, the Shonda Rhimes flagship series has gone through many cast changes, firings, and even some rehirings, but the one person who has stayed through it all, Ellen Pompeo, has announced that she would be taking on a reduced role this season, leaving fans to think it’s the beginning of the end. But in typical Grey’s fashion, many are hoping that Pompeo’s character goes out with a bang, and potentially, a past love interest stopping by.

Yes, Meredith’s longtime love Derek Sheperd, played by Patrick Dempsey, died in season 11. But he also did return in season 17 during Meredith’s COVID-induced coma (also real) to give the fans what they really wanted: a socially distant love story. When asked if Dempsey would return to the hospital one more time to say goodbye he seemed… indifferent.

Dempsey confirmed to EW that he has been keeping up with news about the long-running show, but he hasn’t spoken to anyone about possibly returning, and thinks that the rumors might be taken out of context. “I think it’s just probably because the show is on…and of course, she’s made an announcement, I think, about leaving the show or she’s not on this season. It just is a real testament to the fans that they want to see that couple still together and what an impact it is.”

“But no,” Dempsey added. “I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything, and I haven’t talked to her about it.” See, anytime these two seem to talk, wars begin, plants die, and hope is lost. Maybe it’s for the best that his character stays dead. Again. The good news is that at least we get Dr. Addison Montgomery back!

(Via EW)