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Norman Reedus Has A Pretty Good (And Grim) Idea For How ‘The Walking Dead’ Should End

There’s really only one way The Walking Dead should end. It’s not going to happen because there are spinoffs to set up, but wouldn’t it be wonderful and daring if the zombie series pulled a Six Feet Under in its final moments? That’s what star Norman Reedus is hoping for, at least.

When asked by IGN what he wants to see the series finale, which airs this Sunday, the actor replied, “Everybody dies.” He was (probably?) joking, but it’s the honest ending for a show set during a zombie apocalypse. Eventually, you’re going to run out of pudding.

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang also spoke to the Los Angeles Times about Reedus’ tear-filled speech on the final day of shooting.

“On the last day, I really loved Norman’s speech. He’s not the type that gives speeches much. I thought he gave a really funny and heartfelt speech about [how] he’s gonna miss people, it’s surreal. That was really moving,” she said. “And when Cailey [Fleming, who plays Judith] and some of the kids said goodbye, because for them this was such a special experience and some of them became close friends with each other — it was moving to see everybody’s speeches and the love that flowed. It was a lot of crying and then going on to the next setup. That was the experience of the final episode.”

The Walking Dead series finale airs this Sunday on AMC.

(Via IGN)