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How Many Episodes Are In ‘Fleishman Is In Trouble’ Season 1?

Jesse Eisenberg hasn’t done much TV. One of his first roles was in the short-lived Get Real, which premiered in 1999 and featured another future star, Anne Hathaway. Now, over two decades later, he’s finally got another starring role on the small screen: He’s the lead in Fleishman is in Trouble, which just premiered its first two episodes on FX on Hulu. But how long will its first season run?

The answer: eight episodes, right through the end of the year. The show finds Eisenberg as a newly divorced New York hepatologist trying to brave his way through the modern dating scene, which is to say trying to make connections over the terrifying world of apps. Claire Danes plays his new ex-wife, with whom he has two kids, while his Now You See Me 2 co-star appears as one of his best friends.

There’s a bit of bad news associated with this show: It’s one of the gigs that prevented Caplan from joining her former Party Down castmates in the cult show’s long-threatened reunion. Of course, it’s not the only one: She also landed the Glen Close role in the forthcoming Fatal Attraction show. Bad for Party Down fans, but good for her!

Fleishman is in Trouble airs new episodes on FX on Hulu every Thursday.