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Rosalía Returns To Her Flamenco Music Roots In Niño De Elche’s Song ‘Seguiriya Madre’

Rosalía returns to her flamenco music roots in a new collaboration with Niño de Elche. After mostly diverting from the genre on her Motomami album, she embraces it once again in the song “Seguiriya Madre” that was released on Friday (November 18).

Rosalía first broke out in the flamenco music scene with her debut album Los Ángeles that was released in 2017. With her follow-up LP, 2018’s El Mal Querer, she put a new pop and R&B twist on the traditional genre. With this year’s Motomami album, Rosalía showed that her appeal when beyond flamenco with her embracing global genres like electronica, reggaeton, and alternative music.

In “Seguiriya Madre,” Rosalía revisits the pure flamenco sound of her beginnings with Los Ángeles. Spanish artist Niño de Elche teamed up with her for the song on his new album Flamenco. Mausoleo de Celebración, Amor y Muerte. Backed by the Spanish guitar, Rosalía sounds fired-up when she appears at the halfway point. Her soaring voice is breathtaking as the track speeds with palmas in the mix.

“New song with my dears Niño de Elche and Raul Refree,” Rosalía wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for counting on me.”

Last week, Rosalía won four Latin Grammy Awards, including Album Of The Year for Motomami. She also received two 2023 Grammy Awards nominations. Motomami is nominated for Best Latin Rock Or Alternative Album.