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What Is The Hive Social Media Platform?

As Twitter users begin abandoning ship and fleeing to other platforms due to the Elon Musk of it all, there have been a handful of other social media apps popping up. Some are heading to Mastodon, while others are going back to relive their teens on Tumblr. Somehow, MySpace still hasn’t capitalized on this, though they should!

But if you don’t want to learn all about how Mastodon works (servers are confusing!) and if you have decided to leave 2011 behind and not sign up for Tumblr, you might want to check out one of the newer, less complex social media sites called Hive Social.

Hive Social is about as close to Twitter as you can get: you can follow others for updates just like Twitter, they have their own Discovery tab for trending content, and it even looks like Twitter. Of course, the app is still new, so when new users sign up they might encounter small glitches. Also–Hive’s team is a lot smaller than Twitter’s formerly massive staff, so it might take some time for some things to be ironed out.

Users can post text-based updates similar to tweets and photos, and the app has been testing live-streaming options that are expected to debut next year. Hive doesn’t have a browser or desktop option (this is the future we’re talking about) so you have to download it on your phone and use your computer for work like you’re supposed to be doing after all.

All in all, it’s a pretty basic but decent Twitter alternative. The hardest part is getting people to actually migrate over there. Where is Tom from Myspace when you need him?

(Via Distractify)