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Imagine Dragons And JID Gave A Fiery Performance Of ‘Enemy’ At The 2022 AMAs

Lots happened at the AMAs last night: Cardi B unexpectedly performed with GloRilla, Anitta brought our Missy Elliott, and Taylor Swift gave an inspirational speech. On top of all that, Imagine Dragons And JID performed their hit “Enemy.”

The performance was animated and full of fire — literal fire — while frontman Dan Reynolds ran around the stage in an impassioned sweat. The song came out last year, attached to the League Of Legends-inspired animated Netflix series Arcane.


@Imagine Dragons and @J.I.D perform “Enemy” at the 2022 AMAs. Watch LIVE on ABC!

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“Enemy” followed the release of the two-part album Mercury — Acts 1 & 2. About the LP, Reynolds told Uproxx, “We went into it not knowing it was going to be two albums. We sat down with Rick Rubin who produced it and went through a lot of demos that I had worked on over the previous years.” He added, “There were two prevalent themes that Rick had pointed out. I dealt with quite a bit of loss. I lost quite a few people in my life. Then there was also really a prevalent theme of, ‘and then what?’ Post grief and seeing the world differently, we really felt like we couldn’t tell that in one album properly, and so, it was Rick’s idea actually to do two records.”