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Lauren Jauregui Is ‘Crying’ Because ‘Nobody Told Me My Jacket Made My Ass Look Like This’ At The AMAs

Last night, Machine Gun Kelly’s hazardous outfit was the topic of many conversations due to its many protruding spikes. However, there was another look that had people talking — and it was Lauren Jauregui‘s jacket, which turned out to be a bit of an optical illusion.

Many photos circulated of the confusing jacket, baffling lots of fans. The singer addressed it by tweeting the pictures with the amazing caption: “Lmfao nobody told me my jacket made my ass look like this I’m crying.” Of course it immediately went viral.

It’s been a pretty good year for the “Expectations” performer. In May, she started her own podcast called Attunement, which is about mental health that will “strengthen care for mind, body and spirit.” “Launching a podcast was my way of being able to connect with the most brilliant minds I have encountered throughout my journey here on Earth,” she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. “These conversations thread life moments; where we’ve been, where we’re headed and the in-between. Attunement offers a vision of a new Earth. A life long quest to care for mind, body and spirit. A dais where we can exist as we are and where we allow contrast and nuance to heal us.”