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In Which Woody Harrelson Tells A Story About Michael J. Fox Puking Up A Cocktail Of Cobra Blood While… Presenting Him With A Humanitarian Award?

Do you enjoy the classic 1985 film Back to the Future? Sure, we all do. Then you’re probably going to love this wild anecdote about the time Michael J. Fox made Woody Harrelson drink, we kid you not, snake blood. Apparently, Alex P. Keaton could throw down with the best of them when it came to partying during the 80s, and Harrelson made sure everyone knew about their snake guzzling adventure while presenting his dear friend Fox with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award over the weekend.

According to Harrelson, the two were cruising through a jungle in Thailand, as best buds do, when Fox paid a local guide to take them to a mongoose versus cobra fight. When they got there, Fox sat down with kid who was “toying” with loose cobras right next to them. Marty McFly has no fear, folks, and that was only the start of the evening.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“He taunted a bunch of these cobras and then he found the orneriest cobra, grabbed it by the neck, threw it in a cage with mongoose, where I saw the craziest fight I’ve ever seen between any animals other than studio executives,” adding, “You guys know I’m kidding.”

Well, the mongoose won the fight, and as tradition dictated, it was time to become “brother to the snake” by drinking its blood.

“They took the snake, yep, tied it by its tail, run the blood out, half-filled four glasses with cobra blood and half with Thai whiskey,” Harrelson explained.

Turns out, downing snake blood pushed the limits of Doc Hollywood‘s partying skills. “Mike and I drink lots of things together, and he can hold his own — [what] can I say, he’s Canadian,” Harrelson said. “But Mike promptly vomited his snake cocktail. Never could hold his cobra blood.”

As Fox took the stage, he leaned right into the epic tale.

“I love you. We did some damage,” Fox said to Harrelson while accepting the award. “We did some damage in the ’80s.”

Marty McFly is hardcore, folks.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)