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Somebody Claimed Cardi B Is ‘Scared’ To Release Her Second Album And Her Response Showed No Fear

So far, Cardi B has just one album to her name: 2018’s Invasion Of Privacy, her debut. As for why she’s yet to come out with a second LP, some believe Cardi is scared a new album will under-perform. Cardi caught wind of that and had some thoughts of her own.

Over the weekend, somebody on Twitter re-shared a TikTok video from @duprii3 in which they say, “This girl has not released an album since 2018. That’s going on six years. Invasion Of Privacy came out in 2018. She’s scared to release, but y’all ain’t said nothin’. At least these other girls out here releasin’ somethin’ whether it sell or not.” They also referenced the rumored low sales projection Saweetie’s new EP, The Simple Life, is facing.

In a now-deleted tweet from November 26, Cardi responded, writing (as XXL notes), “I’m never afraid of numbers honey ….and I don’t gotta put a another album if I want too I EATS GOOD OF MY diamond records alone…. Don’t drag other b*tches to make your point drag the man that’s running their mouth…Grown man !”

However, another fan tweeted, “You can’t get mad that ppl think you’re scared cause if so, what’s the hold up? You been stringing your fans along for years. And is that why you won’t release? You’re content eating off of old records that most don’t care about anymore?” In another since-deleted tweet, Cardi responded, “I am a human baby .when I drop my album I’m touring the world .I gotta mentally & physically prepare myself for all of that .I didn’t have management for 2 years and now I’m feelin ready ..I DO THINGS ON MY TIME MY WAY.”

Cardi later concluded, “You know what ? Let me hush ….Less talking, more action for haters to have a reaction [smiling emojis].”

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