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‘I Wanna See A Movie’ Has Become A Viral Rallying Cry During Protests Against China’s Zero COVID Policy

In an act of defiance, protestors in China have taken to the streets protest Beijing’s recent spat of draconian lockdowns. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the country has strived for a “zero COVID policy” that has repeatedly left citizens trapped inside their houses with little access to food or medical care. During the most recent lockdown, CNN reports that an apartment building fire killed at least 10 people after firefighters were reportedly delayed because of the aggressive COVID measures.

However, this time around, the people are fighting back and calling for the resignation of Chinese president Xi Jinping. They’re also finding support across the globe as a recent rallying cry for a return to normalcy went viral. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

A video showing protestors in Shanghai chanting, “I wanna see a movie!” was widely shared on WeChat among Chinese film fans and industry professionals over the weekend. The statement appears to be a reflection of one of the many everyday privileges that some in China feel they have lost as the third year of the pandemic wears on, with no end to Beijing’s COVID-zero policy in sight.

“Everyone was forced to give a final roar: I wanna see a movie!” wrote the head of one of China’s major theater chains on Wechat on Monday, in a post including the protest video.

Despite the Communist Party’s strict control of the country, Chinese film executives have continued to share the viral video with their supportive audience. As THR reports, the film industry in China has “withered” under the zero-COVID policy as well as “increased censorship control.”

While theaters have technically remained open in China, attendance has been dismal due to the rolling lockdowns and restrictions on freedom of movement.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)