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‘The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special’ Introduced ‘Swole Groot’ To The MCU

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special follows Drax and Mantis as they travel to Earth to find Kevin Bacon and bring him to Star-Lord, who misses Christmas while traveling the universe with a talking raccoon and a big tree. (More holiday specials should involve aliens kidnapping Earth celebrities — and talking raccoons.) The premise is the second best reason to watch the Disney+ one-off. The best reason: Swole Groot.

Look at my big happy boy:


When asked on Twitter if the reason that Groot’s head is “so big [is] because he’s still growing into it or because that’s just the way this Groot is and not at all like the slim OG Groot,” Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn replied, “Well, YA Groot, or Swoll Groot, as we call him, is getting bigger, outward as well as upward. As you can see by now he has a different, stockier physiology (and a more outgoing personality) than his father did.” He added that Swole Groot is “100% computer generated.” You don’t get those kind of muscles without some kind of assistance.

Gunn also discussed Swole Groot with Entertainment Tonight:

“He’s jacked man, he’s jacked. I think he’s like the collegiate, like excitable football Groot. I think you can see now that he’s very much a different Groot than the original Groot”

The Mandalorian better not get any ideas. We do not want Swole Yoda, or Swoleda.

(Via TVLine)