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Drake Believes ‘Her Loss’ Is ‘Top Five… If Not, Top Three,’ But Fans Want Him To Change His Views

Ranking Drake albums has never been a feasible task. The rapper has a lengthy discography, full of hits, misses, and everything in between. However, the “Rich Flex” performer himself is not afraid to share his opinion on his own albums.

A clip is circulating of a recent interview in which Drake says Her Loss is a top shelf work. “[Her Loss] is one of the greatest albums I ever made in my life,” he stated. “I said the other day, I think this is a clear entry into my top five of my catalog — if not, top three.”

In the quote-tweets, people are not hesitating to roast the rapper. “Well drake is a liar,” one person wrote. “He lying his ass off,” said another. One simply wrote, “He’s wrong.” Others are saying they can’t stand him. Meanwhile many are naming what they believe to be his best albums.

In the same interview, Drake shared that Her Loss is a part of a trilogy. “We got CLB, Certified Lover Boy, that was like the, you know, ‘I’m trying my best to make her love [me], I’m chasing you,’” he explained. “And then Honestly, Nevermind is the realization that maybe that lifestyle is not for me.”