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The Spotify Instafest Posts Are Tricking People Into Believing That They’re Real Festival Flyers

Unless you’re just not active on social media these days, there’s a high chance you’ve seen at least one Instafest post making the rounds online. The website, which connects to your Spotify account, curates a mock festival lineup based on your top artists — anywhere from all-time to the past month. However, for a few users, their music tastes are just too good and have accidentally tricked others into believing that their dream lineups are real.

“Found out these musical festivals are just generated by oomfs spotifys why I looked up how to buy tickets….” a Twitter user wrote in a now-viral post, complete with a confused GIF moment.

“should’ve know sumn was up when Beyoncé and shygirl were headliners,” he replied.

Others who’ve encountered lineups from the Instafest program were so lost about the fact that older artists (or those who have passed away) were going to be holograms at the pretend festival. “First one I saw had juice wrld on it and I was bamboozled,” one person replied. Anyone including Michael Jackson, Mac Miller, and Amy Winehouse have also been highlighted in this particular concert confusion.

Jason Isbell had a couple of funny tweets about this whole thing, too, with one reading, “Glad I’m not announcing a real festival lineup today.” He followed up, “Everybody should have to actually try to book those festivals then handle all the complaints when tickets are $314,000 each.”

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