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A Woman On TikTok Is Conducting ‘Loyalty Tests’ By Request To Catch Cheating Boyfriends

There have been a handful of strange trends to come from TikTok. Some of them are basically harmless, like all of those elaborate coffee hacks or even that family of chinchillas who like to hold tiny items. And other trends seem to be a little bit more involved, and slightly more controversial.

The latest trend seems to be users enlisting one woman to conduct a “loyalty test” on their boyfriends, seemingly instead of having open and honest communication, which is hard! When you don’t know what to do, turn to TikTok, and somebody will be there to explain it to you over and over and over until it effectively becomes a Thing.

TikTok user Chasity Soules has courageously decided to offer up loyalty tests to anyone who asks. You might think that going around your significant other’s back to trick them is slightly unappealing, and you might be right! But Soules has done over 50 of these tests and there is no sign of slowing down, so the people are clearly interested….for better or worse.

In order to “test” subjects, Soules encourages disgruntled ladies in relationships to reach out to her and she will message their significant other to see if they are “loyal.” Sometimes they are and end up blocking her account. Other instances are not so great.

Soules seems to do this to help “empower” women in relationships, though many in her comments don’t agree. Still, her videos go viral enough that one day, the men are probably going to start catching on and it might even turn into a reverse catfish situation. That would be different!

(Via Narcity)