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ITZY Want You To Fall For Their Mysterious Side In Their New ‘Cheshire’ Music Video

ITZY might’ve gotten the whole world fooled if they just ended the year with releasing one EP (Checkmate) and their pre-release English single “Boys Like You.” But from the looks of their Checkmate promotions, the teasers and posters hinted something else was up the K-pop girl group’s sleeves.

The scribbles and scratched out phrases on the Checkmate poster and album art actually spoiled ITZY’s new EP and lead single “Cheshire.” Taking inspiration from the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland, ITZY’s newest release, out today (November 30), is a pop track that invites listeners to fall into their mysterious side. With lyrics that sing, “Hey, why so serious?/Just trust what you see Don’t complicate it, nothing’s wrong, right?/Can you see me?/Hey, why so curious? Trust your gut, not your logic,” the quintet mischievously leaves you no choice but to do so.

Compared to the group’s past two releases where neon and saturated colors took over the concepts of upbeat songs, “Cheshire” flips the switch to monotone black and grey colors to compliment the song’s dark pop beat. The song is the lead single off ITZY’s sixth EP of the same name, CHESHIRE. The mini-album contains four tracks, including the group’s English single “Boys Like You.”

Check the full tracklist to CHESHIRE below.

1. “Cheshire”
2. “Snowy”
3. “Freaky”
4. “Boys Like You”