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Sad Election Loser Kari Lake Is Virtually Begging For Goons To Sacrifice Themselves And Do Insurrection Stuff Like They Did For Trump

It’s been almost a month since the GOP’s promised “red wave” failed, when one MAGA candidate after another either underperformed or crapped out. One of them was Kari Lake, Arizona’s anti-Trump anchor-turned-Trump-loving governor-hopeful. She lost. It was a tight race but she didn’t win. Alas, like the former president she used to hate, she’s cried voter fraud without offering any substantial evidence. Now it appears she’s following the Trump playbook all the way to the end.

As per Raw Story, Lake went on jailbound Steve Bannon’s podcast, where she said some things that could get her jail time, too, or at least sued.

“This is a time for Americans, for Arizonans to stand up,” she told Bannon. “I saw in Mohave County with [Ron Gould] on the Board of Supervisors. He said, ‘I’m doing this — I’m certifying this under duress. They’re telling me if I don’t, I’ll be locked up. They’re telling me, I’ll be arrested. They’re telling me is a Class 6 felony and I’m doing this under duress.’”

She then went one dangerous step further. “But I wish that somebody would say, ‘You know what? Arrest me then. I don’t care,’” she said. “We need people with courage to say, ‘Class what felony? Go ahead, go for it, arrest me because this is a botched election and you’re disenfranchising the folks in Mohave County when you allow this kind of election in Maricopa County to stand.’”

To recap: A candidate who lost an election is asking her supporters to commit crimes. Even Trump knew to keep this kind of language relatively vague so he could claim plausible deniability. Lake isn’t doing that. It’s yet another unhinged statement from a sore loser who’s been making wild claims, such as that everyone will become “slaves” if she’s not declared a winner of a race she didn’t win.

On the plus side, Lake doesn’t have anywhere near the same following as Trump — not even close. If we’re lucky, in a few months the only thing people will remember her for are her weird blurry Zoom filters.

(Via Raw Story)