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Julia Jacklin Pays Tribute To Celine Dion With A Stunning Live Cover Of A Karaoke Classic

Julia Jacklin paid tribute to one of music’s biggest icons — someone who has also personally impacted her creative process: Céline Dion.

During Jacklin’s recent concert in Madrid, she performed a cover of Dion’s classic hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” Fans and casual music listeners might recognize this track from the famous Titanic scene. That being said, anyone deciding to cover Dion isn’t up for an easy challenge.

Still, Jacklin managed to put her spin on the song as a duet with Erin Rae and do it well. Instead of trying to reach the high vocal notes, she gives it a dreamy, joyous tone that is elevated by being able to hear the crowd cheer and sing along. It shows just how universal music is.

Dion doubled as Jacklin’s guiding influence for making her recent record, Pre-Pleasure, making this all the more fitting of a choice.

“I feel like it’s a bit of a personality test for me now,” Jacklin told Consequence. “If someone is shit-talking Céline Dion, I’m like, ‘What do you find joy in?’ I’m not saying everyone has to like Céline Dion, but it’s so easy to not take that kind of artist seriously. But they are so beloved and they obviously are doing something that really connects with people, and that is so valuable.”

Watch Julia Jacklin perform Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” above.