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Will ‘GMA’ Hosts Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Face Any Discipline?

What a week it’s been for the Good Morning America audience and scandal watchers alike. Anchors Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes became the subject of reports (after some telling photos surfaced in the Daily Mail) that they’re not only an item but have been that way for a good chunk of the year. The story arrived on a particularly surprising note because, as far as everyone knew, they were happily married, but nope. The pair deactivated their social media accounts, and some resurfaced cringe reared its head. We also heard that T.J.’s wife, Marilee Fiebig, was blindsided by the news. Also a shock: Robach married Andrew Shue of Melrose Place fame.

As the controversy swirled, however, neither Robach nor Holmes missed a day of work. Additionally, PEOPLE relayed word that ABC apparently does not mind the scandal because it’s great for ratings. Will the pair face any disciplinary action behind the scenes, though? According to Entertainment Tonight, it ain’t happening:

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes won’t get in trouble at work for their romantic relationship. Two sources tell ET that the Good Morning America co-anchors will not face disciplinary action because they are two consenting co-workers, who are equals, in a relationship.

While no discipline is forthcoming for the pair, earlier this week a source told ET that their romance is the talk of the ABC offices. “There has still been no word from management addressing their relationship, but that’s all anyone can talk about around the office,” the source said. “When and if they will ever address the elephant in the room, it’s still unclear.”

Yep, these two are equals, so there’s no power imbalance, and they’re both into this relationship, so it makes sense that they’re no trouble at work. At home, however? Given that they new couple reportedly carried on for months while still maintaining their respective marriages, yeah, it’s a good thing that they did leave their partners before this went public. Yikes.

(Via Entertainment Tonight & PEOPLE)