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Jenna Ortega Said Playing This Song Will Get You Kicked Out Of Her House

Netflix’s new original series, Wednesday, is proving to be one of the buzziest shows of the year. With movies and shows like You, Scream 5, X, and now Wednesday to her credit, Jenna Ortega is quickly proving to be the scream queen of her generation.

Ortega doesn’t seem to put off very easily, especially after revealing that she used to perform autopsies on animals in her yard. However, during a promotional Q&A session for Wednesday, a chapter of The Addams Family saga, she revealed that playing a certain song will get you removed from her presence.

In a clip shared by Netflix’s social accounts, Ortega drew a question from a jar, which read “What song is on your do-not-play list?”

Ortega responded, saying, “I’m not big on pop, and I feel like a couple years [ago], there was a song out called ‘Dance Monkey.’ If anyone ever played that in my house, they’re instantly being kicked out.”

The song Ortega is referring to is “Dance Monkey” by Australian pop singer Tones And I. “Dance Monkey” went viral on TikTok during the early days of the pandemic. But Ortega shouldn’t feel bad about not liking the song, because Tones herself even revealed she doesn’t enjoy performing it all the time.

“I wrote that song on my own, not trying to do a single thing, and it happened,” Tones said in an interview on Smallzy’s Surgery, “But I don’t want to chase that song. I loathe that song a lot of the time. A lot of times I don’t want to sing it.

Tones And I is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.