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‘SNL’ Weekend Update Compared Kanye To Long Covid And Dragged Herschel Walker Before The Georgia Runoff

For their latest episode, SNL dedicated the Cold Open to chaos MAGA candidate Herschel Walker. But Weekend Update dedicated significant real estate to an even more disastrous political figure: Kanye West. Last week the onetime brilliant musician continued torching his career and any goodwill, continuing to double down on his already virulent anti-Semitism. When he did an interview with Alex Jones, he somehow managed to be the nutty one, even uttering the words, “I like Hitler.” On Weekend Update, that earned him a particularly unflattering comparison.

“At this point, I don’t think Kanye is off his meds so much as he is immune to them,” cracked Colin Jost. “We’re basically dealing with the omicron variant of Kanye. We’d thought he’d fade away but now we realize we may have to live with the brain fog of long-haul Kanye.”

Jost also questioned his airing of an old anti-Semitic trope. “What I don’t understand about this Kanye stuff is if Jews do control the media, then how are we still seeing a new interview with Kanye every day?” he said, adding, “Also if Jews control the media, explain the 80-foot Christmas tree outside of NBC.”

Later Jost turned to Walker, pointing out the record number of early voters who have turned up for the Georgia Runoff, joking, “Herschel Walker has always encouraged his supporters to take care of voting early before it becomes a problem.”

You can watch the latest Weekend Update in the video above.