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Bob Odenkirk Wanted ‘Better Call Saul’ To Go On Without Him After His Near-Fatal Heart Attack

When Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul last year, the world collectively panicked at the idea of losing one of the most versatile actors ever to grace the screen.

“It was a scary day for everybody there,” Odenkirk recalled in a new clip from the season six DVD (via Fandom). “I really went down, I really turned grey. It really seemed over.” Luckily, thanks to a series of “crazy coincidences,” it was not over for Odenkirk, who was able to finish off the series and see Jimmy McGill reach his much-deserved dramatic conclusion.

Odenkirk then added that even if he didn’t survive, he still would have wanted the series to have an ending, even if the rest of the crew didn’t want to. “They would have just stopped the show if I wasn’t capable of doing it,” he said. “They wouldn’t have tried to go on. Which makes me feel bad! If that’d happened, I would have liked it if they got some actor to play him. Just to tell the story that they had written.” It would have been slightly disappointing to end the show just six episodes before the planned finale, and we probably would have never gotten to see Carol Burnett leading the campaign to bring Jimmy down.

He continued, “It wouldn’t have been great but it would have been better than nothing.” It’s true that anything without Bob Odenkirk isn’t great, but better than nothing. That’s why Little Women is such an amazing movie.

So who would have been the one to fill Saul’s perfectly polished shoes? Of course, nobody could have done it quite like Odenkirk. Perhaps they would have asked David Cross to step in for his former co-star, or gotten Bryan Cranston to try his hand at some Saul antics. Of course, they could have always gone the horrifying DeepFake route, but that would have been one of the bleakest things to ever happen. Luckily, Odenkirk was able to recover so miraculously, he’s going to get to star in even more action movies. That’s all he ever wanted.