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A ‘The White Lotus’ Character From Season 1 Was Going To Make A Cameo During Season 2’s Cocaine Party

Ahead of the season two premiere of HBO’s The White Lotus, Vulture senior writer Jackson McHenry visited the set in Italy and wrote — with spoiler-free details — about his experience. It’s fun reading the piece now as the season has unfolded, including this passage about the cocaine party during the penultimate episode, “Abductions.”

At the center of the spectacle, there’s Coolidge, wearing a dress described as a “symphony of salmon” by Hollander’s character, Quentin, who owns the villa. He’s throwing a party for her and, seemingly, at her, leading her through a rapid-fire series of introductions to the idle Euro rich that overwhelms Tanya and, at one point, Coolidge herself. During one take, she forgets a line, and as the camera follows her careering through the maze of the villa, she simply repeats, “Hi, hey, hiii, heyyy.”

Every scene on The White Lotus would be improved with Jennifer Coolidge saying, “Hi, hey, hiii, heyyy.” This applies to every television show and movie, as well. “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart.” “Hi, hey, hiii, heyyy.” See? Better.

Anyway, one nugget that was left out of the piece was a cut cameo during the party from a season one cast member. “Fun fact: Lukas Gage was also there at the party but apparently they cut his cameo appearance (he was in a White Lotus season 1 outfit in a hallucination while Tanya’s high),” McHenry tweeted.

Gage played Dillon, who had a memorable sex scene with suitcase-pooper Armond. If The White Lotus was going to bring back anyone from season one (outside of Coolidge and Jon Gries, who plays the conspicuously absent Greg), it should have been Sydney Sweeney’s Olivia. She could be the mastermind behind the bodies in the season two premiere. It’s a scheme so evil that only a teenager could think of it.

(Via Vulture)