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Piers Morgan Predictably Lost It While Live-Tweeting His Hate-Watch Session Of ‘Harry & Meghan’ On Netflix

Netflix has debuted the first half of their six-part Harry & Meghan docuseries, and you’d better believe that Piers Morgan fired those episodes up ASAP. The royal fanboy criticizes Meghan Markle at every opportunity, years after he famously stormed off he set of Good Morning Britain following Meghan’s allegations of racism from the Windsors. That anger-bear display followed his admission that Meghan “ghosted” him after a pub date, and he’s never been able (or willing) to let go.

Piers recently pitched a fit over “d*ckhead” Harry’s memoir, and he similarly trounced Meghan’s book. And Piers seems convinced that Harry and Meghan should refrain from ever discussing the circumstances that led them to leave the royal family, so the Fox Nation host has invested a lot of social media time into rage sessions, in which he argues that King Charles “should strip this petulant, selfish, greedy, hypocritical brat of all his remaining royal titles/status ASAP.” So, one should expect that Piers is not a fan of what he’s watching go down on Netflix.

The series’ trailer already set Piers off, and the same goes for the actual show. While he live-tweeted the first three episodes, Piers unoriginally compared the Sussexes to the Kardashians, and even though he didn’t stop watching, he still pointedly declared, “God, they’re so boring! #HarryandMeghanNetflix.”

He’s also very amused that Harry accepted money to help “create a story” while also desiring some semblance of privacy. It’s all black-and-white to Piers, apparently, and the same goes for his rationale that Britain can’t contain pockets of racism because TV stations continued the customary practice of airing high-profile royal weddings. Alright!

He continued his tirade, but he had to cut it short at a certain point. As revealed below, Piers had to break away from tweeting to pen his official “review of this nauseatingly self-serving narcissistic rehashed whine-a-thon.” Oh boy.