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Lil Wayne’s Former Chef Is Suing Him For Wrongful Termination After She Cared For Her Injured Son

Lil Wayne just recently made headlines for bringing A Very Weezy Christmas to a New Orleans’ Dave & Busters for kids. However, now he’s in the news for some not-great reasons after TMZ obtained some documents from his former chef.

Morghan Medlock, who was the rapper’s personal chef for almost two years, alleges that she was fired after having to leave him in Las Vegas because her 10-year-old was being hospitalized for a head injury. When flying back to Los Angeles, she says Wayne and others in his crew were delaying the flight by smoking. So instead she got her own flight and informed his assistant. She says Wayne kept asking if she was quitting and she would answer that she was not. When she came back, their treatment of her was different. Someone on the team sent her an “ungraceful message” before Wayne said, “Tell Chef Morghan this isn’t going to work.” She’s suing for wrongful termination, retaliation, and a number of unlawful practices, and is asking for at least $500,000

Wayne smoking on a plane is not unimaginable. Once Machine Gun Kelly recalled watching him smoke 15 blunts while they were in the studio: “I pressed play on the song, he’s like, ‘Is that what we’re doing?’ ‘Yeah.’ He’s like, ‘Alright. You guys got time?’ ‘Yeah, for sure.’ He goes in the courtyard, smokes 15 blunts.”