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Shady GOP Rep. George Santos’ Bizarre Claim That He Never Said He’s Jewish — But Did Say He’s ‘Jew-ish’ — Has The Jokes Flying

After being exposed by for basically exaggerating his entire resume, recently elected New York Congressman George Santos has been attempting to explain his long lists of lies, and his latest admission is going over real well. While coming clean to the New York Post that he fabricated his education and work experience, yet still vowing to serve his two-year term in Congress, Santos made a startling revelation. Turns out, the claims on his campaign website that his mother is Jewish and her family escaped the Nazis during World War II may not have been true either.

Santos now says that he’s “clearly Catholic,” but claimed his grandmother told stories about being Jewish and later converting to Catholicism.

“I never claimed to be Jewish,” Santos said. “I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background I said I was ‘Jew-ish.’”

After catching wind of Santos attempting to wiggle out of this latest lie, Twitter had a field day with his wild claim that he never actually told anybody that he’s Jewish, but instead said he’s “Jew-ish.” You can see the jokes pouring in below:

As for claims of working for Goldman Sachs (which he didn’t) or having a college degree (which he does not), Santos owned up to those lies better than whole Jewish thing.

“I didn’t graduate from any institution of higher learning. I’m embarrassed and sorry for having embellished my resume,” Santos told the Post. “I own up to that … We do stupid things in life.”

However, Santos’ owning up to significantly padding his resume did not do much as the Post continued to grill him on lie after lie, of which there were many. For example, Santos does not own 13 different properties. Instead, he currently lives with his sister. But despite being thoroughly exposed in the press, Santos doesn’t see why that should affect his job in Congress.

“I campaigned talking about the people’s concerns, not my resume,” he said.

(Via New York Post)