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Social Media Recluse Kendrick Lamar Explained Why He’s Not Particularly Active Online

These days, musicians (and celebrities more broadly) use social media as an easy way to connect with their fans and promote their work. Kendrick Lamar, though, isn’t exactly posting on Instagram and Twitter every day: His Instagram is currently blank and his tweets are mostly dry promotions of his creative output. Online dispatches from the rapper are rare, and now he has offered some insight into why that is.

In a recent New York Times interview, he explained, “My social media, most of the time, is completely off, because I know, like… I can easily smell my own sh*t. I know. […] Like, I’m not one of those dudes that be like, ‘Oh, yeah, I know how good I am,’ but I also know the reason why I’m so good is because God’s blessed me with the talent to execute on the talent, and the moment that you start getting lost in your ego, that’s when you start going down.”

On that note, Lamar also cited collaborator Dave Free as somebody whose honestly has helped him develop and succeed as a creator, saying, “What I know for sure is we have this unconditional love to allow each other to grow. I always allowed him to have his room to grow, and he always allowed me to have room to grow in mine.”

Read the full interview here.