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Even Tulsi Gabbard Has Had It With Shady Rep. George Santos’ Lies And Straight-Up Called Him Out On Fox News

In the space of a few short weeks, it seems that incoming GOP Rep. George Santos has seen everything fall apart with his house of lies. He’s promised to explain himself, but his attempt to wave away detailing his claimed Jewish heritage (which he now describes as “Jew-ish”) led to a bunch of jokes. That doesn’t even begin to touch his falsehoods (as revealed by the New York Times) about his work history and personal life. And Santos wasn’t prepared for his unfriendly, on-air Fox News meeting with Tulsi Gabbard, who unyieldingly tore into him, too.

Tulsi wasn’t subtle: “My question is, do you have no shame?”

She continued to torch his “blatant lies” while pointing out that he appears to consider this all to be a joke. Via Politico:

“The results that people are looking for are called into question when you tell blatant lies. Not embellishments. And this is, I think, one of the biggest concerns, congressman-elect, is that you don’t really seem to be taking this seriously. You’ve apologized, you said you’ve made mistakes, but you’ve outright lied. A lie is not an embellishment on a résumé.”

It remains to be seen whether Santos can whether the storm, given that he attempted to claim, “We can have this discussion that’s going to go way above the American people’s head,” to which Gabbard responded, “You’re saying that this discussion will go way above the heads of the American people, basically insulting their intelligence.” That’s not exactly the best way to begin one’s career in D.C., and to further add to this mess, he’s receiving Marjorie Taylor Greene’s support in the wake of this Fox News interview. That kind of dubious endorsement might be the clearest sign of all that Santos won’t fare well with the mainstream GOP in D.C. or his constituents at home.

(Via Acyn on Twitter & Politico)