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Wiz Khalifa Revealed Which Two Rappers He Would Want To Battle In A ‘Really Fun’ ‘Verzuz’ Challenge

Wiz Khalifa recently did an interview with DJ Superstar Jay in support of his newest album, Multiverse, where he revealed who his dream Verzuz opponents would be. The discussion, which happens around the 14-minute mark, brought up the popular series.

He picked two rappers who he thought would make a fun competition: Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi.

“Wayne – I think that would be really fun,” Wiz said. “Because Wayne’s a really dope performer, so it’s like, me and him going back and forth, performing bangers – that shit would be hard. And we both smoke hella weed. I think that would be more like a concert than a VERZUZ.”

As for why he picked Kid Cudi, he shared some sweet words about the fellow rapper. “He’s somebody who is like me…” he added. “We’ve got a multifaceted audience, and then he’s got some classic, like, core stuff – the same way that I do.”

Fans in the comments on the video interview also had some thoughts about the potential pairings.

“He really does smoke the best weed to think that. Him VERZUZ tyga or rocky would be cool tho,” one wrote.

Another named all the hits that Wiz has had, from “Black And Yellow” and “See You Again” to “Young, Wild And Free” as evidence for his Verzuz impact.

“those just his most mainstream sh*t lmao y’all tweaking thinking wiz can’t at the very least hang,” they commented. “the only difference is wayne is a little more versatile and has a couple extra years on his résumé!  I don’t think y’all give wiz the credit he deserves culturally.”

Wiz Khalifa is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.