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Try To Watch This Compilation Of Local News Bloopers From 2022 Without Giggling Like A Maniac

Talking on camera is never easy, and news anchors across the country have to do it several times a day while delivering important information to viewers. But mistakes happen, which can lead to some pretty hilarious bloopers as the anchors struggle (with varying degrees of success) to stop themselves from laughing. Some hold it together while others know there’s no coming back.

In the latest compilation video “Best News Bloopers 2022,” you can watch 16 minutes of anchors from across the country get caught flubbing teleprompter reads, missing cues, having location shots go wildly wrong in a variety of ways, and all while trying to maintain a professional facade through infectious laughter. It’s pretty great if you love a good blooper, and who doesn’t?

Of course, we still have to give the top spot to Iowa sports reporter Mark Woodley, who was called in at the last minute to cover blizzard conditions at his local TV station. Our dude did not enjoy being outdoors, and over the course of several hours, he delivered an increasingly cranky weather report where he questioned his own will to live and accused his co-workers of attempting to torture him several times after he did them a solid by coming in during a blizzard. Making the news is hard, folks.

(Via News Be Funny)