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Misogynistic Moron Andrew Tate Will Spend New Year’s In Prison After His Failed Greta Thunberg Dust-Up

The last week of the year tends to be a sleepy one for most. Not for Andrew Tate. The kickboxer-turned-professional misogynist thought it’d be fun to spend the last days of 2022 belittling Greta Thunberg, the teenage climate change activist who’s been begging the world to save her generation from a horrible death. Instead, he a) wound up getting owned back and b) got arrested. Now the guy will spend New Year’s in jail.

As per the BBC, a Romanian court has agreed to hold Tate — and his brother Tristan, who was also arrested — in detention for 30 days. The pair were rounded up as part of an investigation into allegations of criminal activity, human trafficking, and rape. The Tates’ lawyer said they would appeal the decision, arguing that the investigation has not yet reached the part where either guilt or innocence is proven.

Tate’s arrest came a day after he attacked Thunberg over his newly reinstated Twitter account, asking her to give him her email address so he could brag about his 33 cars and all the carbon emissions they’re sending into the atmosphere. Thunberg supplied an email address: That prompted Tate to reply with a sarcastic video, which, on top of having strong “jerk store” energy, may have tipped Romanian authorities off to him being back in the nation. The possible giveaway? That he included pizza boxes from a Romanian pizza chain.

Tate — who was booted from Twitter after saying women should “bear responsibility” for sexually assault — has yet to comment directly on the allegations. What he has done is tweet that “The Matrix sent their agents,” as well as retweeting another Matrix-inspired meme from Musk. Of course, the trans women who made the game-changing sci-fi-action franchise don’t exactly think fondly of Musk. Surely they don’t think much of Tate either.

In the meantime, Thunberg had the perfect response to Tate’s downfall. Happy New Year, everyone!

(Via BBC)