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‘BMF’ Season 2: Preparing For What’s Next In The Mile High City

For many, STARZ’s BMF is their favorite of all the series that 50 Cent has led and put out in the post-Power world. The show is loosely based on the rise and fall of the Black Mafia Family, the Detroit-based drug organization that was founded by brothers Demetrius “Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory in 1985. BMF’s success would go nationwide thanks to hubs set up in Los Angeles and Atlanta along with connections to drug organizations outside the country. Unfortunately for the Flenory brothers, the empire would come crashing down in 2005 with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) indicting them and over 100 members of BMF on drug charges. Meech and T would eventually be sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

Season one of BMF, which launched in the fall of 2021, displayed the early days of Meech and T. Viewers saw their wins and losses as hustlers trying to make a name for themselves as leaders of The 50 Boyz. We saw Meech and T’s life in the drug game interfere with and destroy the relationships between their parents and themselves. Loyalties were tested, and while some passed (B-Mickie), others failed (Kato) and they were left to pay the ultimate price for it. In the end, Meech and T were seemingly able to conquer their enemies (Lamar) and set out to reach the next level. The only issue is Meech and T were not on the same page at the conclusion of season one. Meech sought to expand his name and riches in the drug game while T desired an honest and civil life. With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind as we head into season two of BMF.

'BMF' Meech S1

— When does the BMF era begin? We know that Meech and T launched BMF in 1985, so it makes sense that there’s no mention of that group — only The 50 Boyz — in season one as those events take place in the 1970s. Seeing that the timeline will certainly move forward as Meech at least has his eyes on expanding, we should expect BMF’s introduction to happen at some point this season.

— What will be the result of Lamar and Kato’s deaths? Two central characters — Lamar and Kato — were murdered at the end of season one. Lamar coerced Kato into working with him to trap Meech and kill him. Lamar’s 12th Street gang and Meech’s 50 Boyz were engaged in a street war over some Detroit territory, so the former’s death means some changes are on the horizon in Detroit. What kind of retaliation will Meech and The 50 Boyz receive? Will they take over the Detroit territory with ease? We hope season two will answer those questions.

'BMF' Meech T S1

— Will Meech and Tee reunite this season? With BMF being loosely based on real events, we already know that Meech and T don’t reunite fully after their initial split. Meech sets up shop in Atlanta for distribution, while T resorts to Los Angeles to handle incoming shipments from Mexico. Whether or not that’s how things play out in BMF remains to be seen, but at least for season two, we hope that the Flenory brothers can reconnect because two is certainly better than one.

— What lengths will the Flenory boys go to in season two to escape the law? In order to expand their empire, Meech and T (whenever he rejoins the crew) will absolutely have to go to extreme measures to escape and stay one move ahead of the law. However, Detective Bryant remains on their heels watching their every move in hopes of trapping them and finally taking them down. With his former partner Detective Lopez getting killed at the end of season one, Bryant has all the more reason to take down Meech and T. This means that the Flenorys will have to go to great lengths to stay out of prison. A life constantly on the run isn’t the best one, but for the circumstances at hand, it’s what’s required for Meech and T.

Season 2 of ‘BMF’ debuts on STARZ on January 6.