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The Cardinals Shared The Audio Of A Rookie Asking JJ Watt For A Signed Jersey After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out

J.J. Watt’s NFL career is about to come to an end, and one of his teammates desperately wants to get a piece of memorabilia. Watt revealed during a press conference this week that Jesse Luketa, a rookie outside linebacker out of Penn State, tried to contact him recently about getting his hands on some gear after Watt’s final game. There were two issues: 1. Watt did not know Luketa’s number, which meant he did not answer a FaceTime from the youngster and wasn’t sure what was going on when that same number sent him a weird Voice Memo, 2. Luketa, per Watt, was “high off his ass” after getting his wisdom teeth out while asking for a signed jersey.

Watt said he was going to make sure Luketa was cool with him sharing the Voice Memo after the presser. Well, apparently, Watt got the all clear, as the Cardinals posted the video to their Twitter account on Thursday evening. Not only that, but you can see the exchange the two had via text and a picture of Luketa looking like a person who just got their wisdom teeth out — head to the 1:08 mark of the below video to hear the voice message.

On Tuesday morning, Watt tweeted that the Cardinals’ Christmas Day game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the final home game of his decorated NFL career. He’ll play in Arizona’s final two games — road trips to Atlanta and San Francisco — before hanging the up and, hopefully, giving Luketa a jersey.