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Fans Think J. Cole Is About To Drop A New Album After He Cleared His Instagram Page

It looks like new music from J. Cole may arrive in 2023. The rapper’s latest stunt has fans abuzz.

Yesterday (January 2), fans noticed that Cole cleared his Instagram page. Soon after, fans began sharing their theories online.

“j. cole instagram is empty, time to rise & shine,” said one Twitter user.

In 2021, Cole dropped his sixth studio album, The Off-Season. Months before, he revealed via social media that The Off-Season would be part of a series of projects leading up to the release of The Fall Off, which he first teased back in 2018 with the closing track of his KOD album, which was titled “1985 (Intro To ‘The Fall Off’).

The item on the list reads “It’s A Boy.” It’s unknown if this is the title of an album, but fans seem to think so.

“J. Cole just cleared his Instagram,” said another Twitter user. “y’all think he’s gonna drop It’s A Boy on January 28th this year?”

January 28 is Cole’s birthday, and also the name of a song from his 2014 album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

As of now, the only hint of new music from Cole himself is the cleared-off Instagram page, however, fans have been theorizing since as early as last year about what It’s A Boy could potentially be about.

“J. Cole will drop his It’s A Boy project and showcase why fatherhood is dope,” said one Twitter user last month, sharing their music predictions for 2023.