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Oy Vey! Snoop Dogg Confessed On CNN About The Time He Got High At A Bar Mitzvah

On New Year’s Eve, CNN’s Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper had to ring in the New Year on-air stone-cold sober. It was a departure from their hi-jinks of years past, so Cohen and Cooper did the next best thing, and brought on a guest who you can pretty much guarantee won’t be sober at any point in time: Snoop Dogg.

Cohen and Cooper had some fun grilling Snoop Dogg about some of the more unpredictable places that he’s gotten high at and the rapper of course had checked a lot of boxes. “Have you gotten high at a bar mitzvah?,” Cohen asked Snoop, who answered, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but that answer is gonna be yes, yes, yes!” Cohen surmised that a rich parent paid Snoop to perform for their kid and Snoop confirmed that was pretty much the case. “He told me to ‘Do whatever you want to do!’”

Anderson Cooper couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous this on-air conversation was. “Where am I? Where Am I?!” Cooper asked. Cohen kept the game with Snoop Dogg going, asking him if he’d gotten high at an NFL football game. To which Snoop replied, “Yes, yes yes. And I almost got thrown out!” Snoop also copped to toking up at multiple awards shows, but not the Oscars, since he’s never been before. “If I do go, you better know that I will,” he said. And that while he’d never smoked weed on CNN before, he’d done so, “In front of the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard.”

Sounds like Snoop still has some spots to go on his hitlist, but until then, we’ll be waiting for him to post a clip of that “Up In Smoke Bar Mitzvah” someday.